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Black River Falls, Wis. — Michael Dougherty, President of D&S Manufacturing, recently announced the company’s installation of a custom Pangborn ES-2050 Wire Mesh Belt Blaster. “Our direct involvement in the development of the new ES-2050 serves as an example of D&S’s commitment to aggressively apply innovative and highly productive manufacturing technologies in advance of our competitors,” he stated.

The ES-2050 is the result of a strategic collaboration between Metcast of New Berlin, Wisconsin, Pangborn Corporation of Fairburn, Georgia, and a team of D&S employees led by Manufacturing Engineer Rob Bucek. In the process of engineering this unit, a variety of ground-breaking design features were incorporated to simplify system maintenance and improve performance.

“The configuration of a traditional blast cabinet is cubical or rectangular, resulting in a space that is highly confined and difficult to service. In comparison, the ES-2050 features a uniquely open hexagonal design that allows operators to more easily access and maintain the unit. This results in a longer system lifespan,” Bucek explained.

The ES-2050 also benefits from the utilization of Pangborn’s revolutionary Genesis technology. A large diameter, lower RPM wheel is employed that reduces kinetic energy. This maximizes the longevity of the shot media while dramatically reducing noise pollution when the system is in operation.

The installation of the ES-2050, which coincided with the completion of the company’s recent expansion program, has enabled D&S to eliminate two of its four more specialized shot blasting systems. A broader variety of parts, from flat plate to complex weldments as large as 144" in length, by 48" in width, by 36" in height, are more efficiently processed utilizing a continuous motion conveyor system. In addition, improved ergonomics in the staging areas promote more efficient processing of components. As a result, system capacity has doubled. A reduction in labor allows employees to reallocate time toward cross training, further maximizing productivity.

For more than 40 years, ISO 9001:2008 certified D&S Manufacturing has served as a custom manufacturer of exceptional quality large scale components, assemblies and complete weldments for a broad cross section of well-respected corporations that include Caterpillar, Oshkosh Corporation, Parkson, The Trane Company and CNH. The company’s extensive capabilities include technologically superior machining, laser, high definition plasma and oxy-fuel cutting, as well as manual and robotic welding. These resources are complemented by diverse value-added services ranging from liquid spray painting, powder coating and shot blasting to assembly and testing. A dedicated and highly skilled workforce lives a commitment to superior project management, exceptional quality, accountability, teamwork and continuous improvement, which empowers the company to live its slogan, D&S …. Solid™

For more information, please contact John Barkley, General Manager, D&S Manufacturing, P. O. Box 279, Black River Falls, WI, 54615, 715-284-5376, ext. 307 or fax 715-284-4084. Send e-mail to jbarkley@dsmfg.com, and visit D&S Manufacturing’s Web site at www.dsmfg.com.

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