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Michael Dougherty, President of D&S Manufacturing, announces the acquisition of a new 308HV4 Carell Double Pinch Angel Roll.  “We continually consider opportunities to enhance our core competency to provide turnkey custom metal fabrication services to our customers” offered Dougherty.  This new unit adds to D&S’s in-house fabrication capabilities, increasing its roll bending range. 

The Carell unit is a double initial pinch universal roll bending machine equipped with 3 driven rolls.  The three shafts are each driven with a direct coupled hydraulic motor and planetary speed reducer offering 100% efficient torque delivery.  Powered movements on lateral material guides have been added for increased accuracy and efficiency.  The double pinch unit allows for reduced operator handling by       pre-bending both plate ends without removing the part. 

While existing fabrication equipment allows D&S to roll parts up to 10 feet in length, this new Double Pinch Angle Roll significantly increases their ability to roll thick narrow parts.  It will accommodate flat parts up to 5 1/2”x 3/4” the hard way, with a minimum diameter of 60” and 8” x 2” the easy way, with a minimum diameter of 42”.  Along with flat part rolling capability, this unit will also accommodate pipe schedule 40 up to 5”, with a minimum diameter of 70”, angle leg-in up to 4” x 1/2”, with a minimum diameter of 48”, and I Beam up to S8” x 23# with a minimum diameter of 48”.

The new Carell 307HV4 Double Pinch Angle Roll adds to D&S’s versatility as a turn key supplier, allowing D&S to maintain greater control over the quality of their customer’s fabrications.

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