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Black River Falls, Wis. — Rob Bucek, Production Control Manager at D&S Manufacturing, will speak at this year's Industry Week - Best Plants Conference. His presentation titled "Using Operation Level Metrics to Drive Strategy Success" will be made jointly with Epicor, the maker of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system used by D&S.

Among the challenges facing D&S is the need to ensure that all its employees understand how their individual day to day performance impacts the success of the company. and to inspire ownership of performance metrics at the operational level. Each employee-owner needs to understand that their daily activities directly impact several performance metrics and, ultimately, D&S key performance indicators.

With the use of Epicor ERP, data is generated and managed. Bucek explains "data is essential to making objective decisions as to where to place our resources. We examine how to get data into the system and track data to understand trending metrics. Through the ongoing use of data, existing performance levels can be measured, change initiated, and the outcome of those changes measured."

Consideration is given to how ownership of metrics is handed down. In his presentation, several cross sectional examples will be highlighted, including one metric, internal on-time delivery. As with many metrics, individual plant operators and other employees across the organizations have a direct impact on timely delivery. Each operator in line must provide timely delivery to the next operator, their internal customer. By monitoring and improving internal on-time delivery D&s will ensure timely external delivery.

Each employee plays a critical role in attaining D&S' goal of providing high quality, competitively priced plate metal fabrications. By ensuring each employee's clear understanding of how they individually impact performance metrics, and inspiring each employee to maximize their own performance, D&S will achieve its goals.

Since 1965, ISO 9001:2008 certified D&S Manufacturing has served as a custom manufacturer of exceptional quality large scale components, assemblies and complete weldments for a broad cross section of well-respected corporations that include Caterpillar, Oshkosh Corporation, Parkson, The Trane Company and CNH. The company's extensive capabilities include technologically superior machining, laser, high definition plasma and oxy-fuel cutting, as well as manual and robotic welding. These resources are complemented by diverse value-added services ranging from liquid spray painting, powder coating and shot blasting to assembly and testing. A dedicated and highly skilled workforce lives a commitment to superior project management, exceptional quality, accountability, teamwork and continuous improvement, which empowers the company to live its slogan, D&S …. Solid™.

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