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Black River Falls, Wis. — Michael Dougherty, President of D&S Manufacturing, announced the company’s recent installation of an AccurPress press brake, a robust new system designed to efficiently meet changing customer project parameters. “As with all investments in new production equipment, D&S places a premium on integrating resources that will positively impact component quality, diversify production capabilities and minimize maintenance and overhead expense,” Dougherty stated.

According to Mike Lien, Plant Supervisor, D&S selected the AccurPress Model 548514 Accell Series Synchronized CNC press brake primarily because the unit features an adjustable bottom v-die. “Previously, every time product was changed out, the lower die had to be removed using a forklift. Now, the operator will be able to automatically adjust the lower die from 1.5 inches to 8 inches using CNC equipment, which will significantly reduce system downtime. The new press brake also provides D&S with additional tonnage, a larger opening height and will help with tolerances,” Lien explained. The Accell system is capable of bending up to 485 tons on a 14 foot bed and offers a 6-axis back gage. A variety of key design features contribute to the overall reliability and projected longevity of the system.

A team of D&S employees was involved in the entire press brake evaluation process. In addition to Lien, Shane Fritts – Production Manager, Farrel Scholze – Pre-production, Wayne Patterson – 1st shift press operator, LaDon Schultz – 2nd shift press operator and Ralph Wagner – 2nd shift press operator all provided input. The team members cited service, technology and a willingness to collaborate on the part of the supplier as additional factors in choosing the AccurPress Model 548514 Accell Series Synchronized CNC press brake.

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For more than 40 years, ISO 9001:2008 certified D&S Manufacturing has served as a custom manufacturer of exceptional quality large scale components, assemblies and complete weldments for a broad cross section of well-respected corporations that include Caterpillar, Oshkosh Corporation, Parkson, The Trane Company and CNH. The company's extensive capabilities include technologically superior machining, laser, high definition plasma and oxy-fuel cutting, as well as manual and robotic welding. These resources are complemented by diverse value-added services ranging from liquid spray painting, powder coating and shot blasting to assembly and testing. A dedicated and highly skilled workforce lives a commitment to superior project management, exceptional quality, accountability, teamwork and continuous improvement, which empowers the company to live its slogan, D&S …. Solid™.

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